National Internal Processing Center


Accounts Department:  Our account managers are not just sales people who sign an account and move on.  Our account managers help start the account, answer any questions and continue to service the account after the account is set-up.  We provide personal account managers who treat you more like a person and not a number. 

Application Department: This deparment helps to make sure every client and application for service is done right!  From starting the account to equipment set-up they are there for you.  We cross the T's and dot the I's to assure you the best and easiest experience.

Interchange Department: They are trained expert agents with who, with years of experience, custom tailor an account and provide the best possible rates and service to help businesses save money.  They are trained using the Visa, MasterCard and Discover Interchange tables.

Customer Service: We provide REAL-TIME account viewing to help you monitor every transaction that comes through your business including printing reports and other statistics for your business.  Our customer service is 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year with REAL PEOPLE to help you take care of your needs.

Advertising Department:  We have and continue to create special programs using Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other online services to help drive business your way.  Our agents in this department are able to help businesses create ads that will reach the highest potential of clients.  Thier experience and knowledge will produce a high return for business ads.  It is simple and best of all our programs for our processing members are FREE.  Talk to your account manager for more details.

Compliance Department:  Our compliance department is created to address all complaints, compliance or regulatory issues.  All complaints are sent to all higher office manager departments.  They are addressed within 72 hours and have one purpose, 100% Customer Satisfaction!!     Our reputation and our business depends and relies on achieving that goal.  We are here to serve our clients.  That is something you can believe in and trust.


A Thousand times each day, the people of NIPC® help improve lives and businesses across the world by processing a payment.  We make it possible for people to move money between buyers and sellers. Offering merchant payment-acceptance solutions as well as services in credit, debit, prepaid, mobile, chip, healthcare and more, we make it possible for those in the marketplace to conduct safe and secure electronic transactions with trust and convenience.

The National Internal Processing Center services businesses Nationally.  With offices and support teams located in New York, Arizona, Delaware, and California, NIPC is able to provide 24 hours 7 days a week Customer Service.

Transactions have evolved dramatically. Technology has extended the reach, scale and velocity of every transaction in the global payment chain. In this complex process, it's easy to lose sight of that basic relationship.

At NIPC, we believe it's possible to create more value in relationships than ever before. That's because we believe that payments should revolve around people, not the other way around.  That is why  NIPC offers our clients personal account managers  who will be there from the beginning, during and after the business accepts credit cards.   NIPC is best for you, your business and your customers.  Give us a call and let one of our licensed agents help you with your processing needs.  With years of experience we are people you can trust.

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